Hidden Camera Detector Helps Keep Your Naked Ass Off The Internet

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Nothing ruins a new relationship like discovering that he's been secretly videotaping you in the sack. Protect yourself from potential heartache and embarrassment by giving his house a thorough sweep with this iTeki Hidden Camera Detector Pen. Of course, you might offend him by being so paranoid, sabotaging the relationship you were trying to ensure was healthy, but sometimes you've gotta make tough decisions.


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Right now, here, this is a hot issue. They just discovered that the manager of a well known water park had hidden cameras on the dressing rooms. An American woman found the camera and went to report the incident, the water park manager went immediately away.

So devices that could detect the presence of a camera (be it infrared or not, wireless or not) should be developed not for just for the sake of women but to keep this sick bastards from doing such stuff (specially if it could potentially involve children).

Now for my two cents on this issue, i really hope they do get this guy. If justice prevails, he will go to jail and you do not want to know what inmates do here to people that do such stuff with women and/or children...