We all have one—that corner in your living room where the modem, the router, the surge protecter and friends live. It's a mess. You can try to hide it behind the couch, or you can cover it with unread mail. Or, you could store everything in this handsome wooden container.

It's called the CableBin. As the name implies, it's literally a bin for all your cables. Not only does it hide the messy nest, the CableBin also helps you organize your devices with adhesive hooks to hang them on. The lid of the bin serves as an easy access point for your cables but also a study surface for your phone while it's charging. There's also a slit down one slide for cables that need to hook into your wall or TV or wherever. You can get it in dark or light brown wood at BlueLounge for $90.

At face value, you might think this is nothing but a glorified trash can. And an expensive one at that! It wouldn't be all that hard to build your own with a bin, a lid and a bunch of those plastic 3M hooks. Be honest with yourself, though. You'll probably never get around to it. Sometimes throwing a little money at the problem actually works. [bltd]