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Hitachi AirSense (The Sequel)

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The first time anyone heard about the Hitachi AirSense it was being used as a wristwatch heart monitor for sick folks. Now Hitachi has taken the exact same concept and turned it into a multi-purpose sensor for monitoring the atmosphere. This time around the watch has readouts for temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure (no big deal, I've got a watch that does that, too). But this one also senses vibrations (earthquake! run!). This watch is not meant for your average Weather Channel addict, though. It's supposed to be for indoor monitoring of, say, kitchens and food warehouses. That's why it is capable of sending its data to a wireless receiver that can be used as part of a monitoring network. The AirSense is available now, in Japan, for around $800.


Hitatchi AirSense [Product Page (via Akihabara)]

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