Holga's Retro Lens iPhone Case Works Like a Retro Rotary Phone

Illustration for article titled Holgas Retro Lens iPhone Case Works Like a Retro Rotary Phone

For a couple of bucks you get an app that lets you churn out retro looking photos from your iPhone. Orrrrrrrr you bring some analog back in to the process with Holga's dope new iPhone case. It packs a rotary dial filled with nine plastic lenses and filters.

The effects range from simple tints, to cut out shapes, to multiple split images, to even closeups with a 60mm macro lens. At $25 the simple slip-on case is admittedly a bit more expensive than digital alternatives like Instagram and Hipstamatic, but you're not going to get a more realistic cheap plastic filter effect than by using real cheap plastic filters. [Holga via BoingBoing]

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Michael Zhao

Such a great idea, such terrible execution... Seriously those sample photos are god-awful. I have a hard time imagining anyone seeing those and saying "yes, I must have it!" Now if they had one with macro, fisheye, soft-focus, and faux tilt-shift, that would be worth getting for like $50. (Especially if they actually used glass).