Turn Your Instagram Photos Into a Sweet-Ass iPhone Case

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All those awesome shots you've put on Instagram have got to be good for something other than collecting internet dust, right? That is right, because now you can turn those photos into the coolest iPhone cases I've seen.


No, they're not gold-embossed or diamond-studded, but they're covered with your art. It's an elegant expression of who you are, and it's a truly unique case because only you can print your design. Casetagram has four layouts to choose from: even squares, even circles, uneven rectangles, or uneven circles, and you can choose whether you want it on a white case or a clear case. You just sign on with your Instagram ID, and pick the shots you want. Easy peasy.

This is one of the best uses of Instagram's API we've seen. You can get cases that fit the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and they'll run you 35 bucks (which includes international shipping). If you go and create one make sure you drop a link to it in the comments. Show me your magic. [Casetagram via Mashable]

Image credit: mheleneb and takako_k511

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You've always been able to do this yourself.


Of course, it doesn't let you just pull them off instagram, but it's another option...for any photos whatsoever (you'll just have to play around if you want them to tile or whatever.