Hollywood to Beam Digital Films to Movie Theaters

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Nothing sucks more than being shut out of a movie premiere just cause you didn't make it to the box office on time. Well, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. are teaming up with Digital Cinema Implementation Partners to make that scenario a thing of the past. They want to give theaters the ability to play popular movies on extra screens by changing the way movies are delivered. So rather than have hard copies of films at theaters, the films would be delivered instantly...


via satellite or broadband systems. The studios also hope the new delivery methods will cut down on pirating, since it'd mean fewer people would come in contact with the movie. Personally, I'd prefer they make better movies, rather than promise me more screenings, but that's just me.

Hollywood to Provide "Instant" Digital Films [AP via FayerWayer]

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If there were 2 theatres that wanted to show the same movie at the same time (at least with actual film print), you could do something called "Interlocking", which involved running film up from the platters on 1 projector, through that projector, around and through to another projector, and then back onto that projector's platter.

The difference with this is about 2-3 min. time difference between theatres for the film to travel the length of the interlocked rollers/projectors, but it allowed 2 theatres to be used at once for the same film if the studios only gave 1 copy of the print.

I assume the process is the same with digital projectors (you just run a master/slave projector), but I left the projection booth long before the theatres went to digital format...