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Holy @#$%, Joel Schumacher Is Making A Comic Sequel To Batman & Robin

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I... I have no words. I can barely process the rumor that Joel Schumacher, director of the infamously bad '90s movie Batman & Robin, will return to the bat-nippled universe to continue the saga to make a 12-issue comic, that DC will apparently publish. On purpose! Here's everything you need to know.

The comic will be written by Schumacher, but based on the script for Batman Triumphant, the fifth movie in the mid-'90s Batman movie franchise, which was scrapped when Batman & Robin got panned. It was supposedly going to conclude a trilogy that began with Schumacher's Batman Forever. According to the Batman Wiki, the main villain of Triumphant was going to be the Scarecrow, who was helped by Harley Quinn, who was the Joker's daughter and looking for revenge in this version. Apparently, the Joker was also going to return, as a fear toxin-induced hallucination in Batman's mind.

I cannot wait to read this, and not ironically. I would love to know what insanity we almost were subjected to, and besides, I've long since forgiven Schumacher. He's been completely honest about how horrible B&R is, and he takes the blame for it, even though Val Kilmer left at the lat second and he had to include a bunch of shit to sell toys. Maybe if the comic is awesome, maybe it'll give him some kind of redemption... or at least a measure of peace.


And think of it this way: No matter how terrible it is, there's literally no way it can be as bad as All-Star Batman. So it already has that going for it.

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