Holy Maclunkey, There Are a Lot of Different Languages in Star Wars

Now we know why C-3PO had to be fluent in so many different languages.
Now we know why C-3PO had to be fluent in so many different languages.
Image: YouTube

We’re guessing the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel didn’t plan this but its latest video is coming out at just the right time.


This week, the biggest Star Wars news was a dead heat between the franchise’s first live-action TV show premiering and “Maclunkey.” “Maclunkey,” of course, is the oddball word added to the original Star Wars Han vs. Greedo scene on Disney+. You can read more about that right there.

One result of the whole “Maclunkey” thing is it got fans talking about Star Wars languages. And wouldn’t you know it? Right on cue pops a video that counts every single different language you can hear in the Star Wars movies. It’s a lot.

Check out the clip below with a not-so-subtle thumbnail. We see you, Star Wars Kids YouTube. And a happy Maclunkey to you too.

So, spoiler alert, there are 68 different languages in the 10 total Star Wars movies (so far). That raises exactly one question...couldn’t have found one more?


Seriously though, everyone in a galaxy far, far away must be freaking geniuses, because it seems as if every single character is speaking their own language to one another and they all understand perfectly. That or they have a little protocol droid in them. At least now we know why C-3PO needed to speak so many different languages.


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I’m assuming that “maclunkey” is alien for “draw” as in “draw your gun” like in an old fashion western shootout. Just another ham fisted was for Lucas to recontexualize Han killing Greedo as justified by having Greedo actively challenge Han to a duel and Han just being faster.