Honda Asimo Creators Turning Your Brain into the Ultimate Robot Controller

Illustration for article titled Honda Asimo Creators Turning Your Brain into the Ultimate Robot Controller

You know what I think the worst thing about having a robot army is? You have to press buttons. It's much more satisfying to get every automaton to do your bidding by just thinking it.


Apparently, the people at Japan's Honda Research Institute had the same idea, because they've now partnered with ATR and Shimadzu Corp. to come up with a way to use your brain as a robot remote control.

Called BMI (Brain Machine Interface – not the acronym that tells you you're fat), the tech uses electroencephalography, which measures slight electrical currents, and near-infrared spectroscopy, which looks at brain blood flow. Putting the two together gives you up to 90% accurate robot control without the use of physical implants.

Unfortunately, you still have to strap yourself to this giant chair and ridiculous-looking cap that kind of makes you resemble Dark Helmet from Spaceballs. But one day, when your mobile minions appear suddenly in the horizon, wordlessly laying waste to your enemies with nary a peep from you... oh, how glorious a time it shall be. [Akihabara News]



So if nobody is going to make reference to Centurion from the Transformers comics, then I will. Professor morris using Triple I tech, locked himself in a room with the control device and beat the snot out of the decepticons with the robot centurion.


no pic of the control unit that I could find, but it looked eerily similar to the ASIMO control seat up there.