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Meet a dude who goes by the alias Vonguard. He's a man of shrewd business, schooled in the trade, and knows how to make a deal. You see, one day in October of 2002, a hooker (dubbed "Twister") traded him a brand new, shiny Apple Powerbook Titanium for only $100. Originally she asked for $200 but by the time Vonguard went and got his money, she was in a hurry to get going. Since the purchase the Powerbook has been working nicely for him. He's upgraded it with a 40GB hard drive, a DVD burner, and tons of awesome stickers (adds 15mhz per sticker, just like a Honda Civic!). Want to do him a favor? You can own this nostalgic piece by trading a new MacBook Pro for his TiBook. Let us know if you've ever gotten a better deal than Best Buy through a hooker.

Gism Butter [via Boing Boing


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