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Upgrade's adhoc Cyborg-themed linkfest

- Ray Kurzweil gets a music video.

- New Elysium trailer puts the one per cent in orbit.

- 3D printing brain implants.

- A thought-powered helicopter.

- Houseplants as sun-seeking cyborgs.

- Azimov predicts self-driving cars for 2014.

- Tiny batteries for tiny robots.

- India's robot army.

- Biocomputers and slime molds.

- Poll: Would you have a microchip implant?

- Debating whether robots and enhanced humans steal our jobs?

- In the future, the disabled will be the ones without prosthetic limbs.

- The ethics of bionic bodies.

- Bridging the gap between mortality and cyborg eternity with cryogenics.

— Izzy


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