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Former White House communications director Hope Hicks—the longtime Donald Trump aide who finally decided to leave the administration after a domestic abuse scandal involving now-former fellow aide and rumored boyfriend Rob Porter—says she can’t log into two of her email accounts anymore because she was “hacked.”


According to NBC News, people present during her closed-door testimony before a meeting with the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia panel last week say that Hicks told members of Congress two of her accounts are inaccessible following a break-in by an unidentified third party. Hicks was conveniently light on details about the supposed “hack,” which involved either her personal email or, um, a Trump campaign one:

Under relatively routine questioning from Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn., about her correspondence, Hicks indicated that she could no longer access two accounts: one she used as a member of President Donald Trump’s campaign team and the other a personal account, according to four people who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the closed meeting of the Intelligence Committee was supposed to remain private.

Hicks, who portrayed herself as not savvy in matters of technology, told lawmakers that one of the accounts was hacked, according to two sources who were in the room. It is unclear if Hicks was referring to the campaign or the personal account.


Hicks was appearing voluntarily and not under a subpoena, NBC noted, which meant that the committee had “limited leverage” to extract any answers. But NBC’s sources said there’s no indication that members of the House Intelligence Committee even bothered to pursue the line of questioning. (The committee is run by GOP Rep. Devin Nunes, whose obvious efforts to sabotage the Russia probe seemingly verge on obstruction, and who also runs his own personal Pravda.)

It’s certainly possible Hicks was “hacked,” but if she was, it beggars belief to take at face value her explanation that she was just floating around in total technical ignorance of what happened instead of at least partially debriefed by the security, intelligence, or law enforcement personnel who might be looking into the matter. Considering that pretty much everyone in this administration has been using personal email for work purposes, there’s no telling what could have been revealed in such a breach.

You know, if there was one.

Nor should anyone believe that Hicks’ emails, which could potentially shed more light on just what was going on inside the Trump campaign with respect to Russian interference, have simply dissolved into the aether and that everyone should thus move on. That is just not how that works.


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"... An upperclassman who had been researching terrorist groups online." - Washington Post

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Phillip Anderson

File this with all the folks who say awful, racist shit online and then claim “my Facebook was hacked!” Those goddamn computers and shit, amirite?

It’s 2018, dipshits! You weren’t hacked.

You’re just lying.