Hot Toys' Vision Phases Into A Fabulous-Looking Existence

He may have had to wait for all the main Avengers to get their toys first, but finally, here he is: Behold, The Vision, in the plastic/synthezoid flesh! Hot Toys’ latest Age of Ultron figure is so pretty, it’ll prove that even an android a wallet can cry as you fork over the cash for this Avenging Android figure.

Warning: There are minor spoilers for Age of Ultron later on in this post. If you’ve not seen the movie yet and are concerned, be wary!


The 1:6 scale figure is currently one of the last figures to be revealed in Hot Toys’ Age of Ultron line (sorry, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, I guess!), and perhaps one of the most simple: all there really is to the Vision is his suit, which Hot Toys have done a pretty good job with in terms of avoiding creasing where they can, and his lavishly designed cape. But what the Vision has in terms of simplicity is more than made up for with astonishing detail.

The texture of his bodysuit is brilliantly recreated, as are all the different styles stitched into his cape. The impressive detailing is matched by the headsculpt, an eerily accurate rendition of Paul Bettany covered in android circuitry and even right down to little scuffs on the Mind stone embedded in his head, and the amazing detail in his android eyes:


A perfect recreation of that shot from the trailers not actually seen in the movie itself, but still, the detail is truly remarkable on such a small scale.

Alas, given his powerset — the ability to change your density and phase through objects is kind of challenging to show off in an action figure — Vision doesn’t come with much aside from some alternate hands to pose him ready to punch some bad guys, he does come with one major, yet simple little addition:


A Mjolnir of his own, to recreate the moment he nonchalantly picks up Thor’s hammer and proves to the Avengers that he’s on their side.

Hot Toys’ Age of Ultron Vision will be available in Spring 2016. He’s not up for preorder on Sideshow Collectibles yet, but expect the usual eye-watering price of $200-$250 usually attached to Hot Toy’s figures.


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