A Conversation with George R R Martin | A Celebration of the Targaryen Dynasty

Martin admits “I was the only one who was really enthused” about the idea, which would have necessitated more timejumps and likely more multiple castings. Some people seemed to have enough trouble wrapping their heads around Milly Alcock growing into Emma D’Arcy and her kids going from adolescents to teens in-between episodes, so this absolutely worked out for the best.


Honestly, though, I get it. He meticulously crafted the centuries of Targaryen royal history to create the backdrop for A Song of Ice and Fire. Why wouldn’t he want to see it all onscreen? But for the purposes of the show, I think covering 20 years in 10 episodes was just about all we needed to know how needless, messy, and brutal this war for the Iron Throne is going to be.

[Via Uproxx]

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