How 3D Animation Works, From Start to Finish

It's sometimes easy to forget when you're watching an animated movie just how complex the underlying technology is. In this video, Steve Carell explains the 3D animation processes involved in taking an idea from the storyboard to the movie theater.


Really a promo for Despicable Me 2, the video gives a refreshingly accurate explanation of what's involved in the animation process. Turns out, some of the work was so tough that the team managed to break some of its computers during the production process. Oops [YouTubeThanks, Eugénie!]



We do take for granted what it takes to produce these movies and more so what it took technologically to get there. I am constantly amazed how the quality of game engine cutscenes (The order 1886 for PS4) is inching closer the rendered movies of today. Sure it's nowhere near the quality now, but the ability to control these images in realtime has already far exceeded the early CG animation.