A volcano erupting on its own is no big deal; they're like earthquakes, no one cares unless it's catastrophic. But to have four separate volcanic cones—each fed by separate magma sources—all erupting within 110 miles of one another simply doesn't happen. Ever. This must be what witnessing Haley's Comet was like.

The Moscow-based Airpano film crew captured the spectacular scenes of the Tolbachick volcano above after rushing to the barren wastes of the Kamchatka Peninsula after a shoot of Mumbai's five-star hotels. After battling -31-degree air temperatures, boot-sole-melting ground temps, and stiff 15m/s winds, the team was able to utilize a pair of RC hex-drones and capture generate this incredible panorama of the area. It's absolutely breathtaking. [Airpano via Spiegel via Metafilter]