How Could Technology Make Football Even Better?

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Happy Super Bowl day, everyone! I hear the Seahawks of Seattle are about to battle it out with the Patriots of New England. Should be a fun one, but is it really as fun (or as safe) as it could be.

Sure, football has tons of history and we can have arguments about the integrity of the game and some such, but my question for you this football-crazed evening is how could technology make the famous game of pigskin even better? Of course, the above image might suggest that football could take the game to another dimension with added jetbacks. Um...awesome!

But this year did see some unprecedented innovation in U.S. sports. I think we can all agree that the NHL has the right idea of integrating GoPros into the hockey rink, and the NFL should follow some similar approach to technological innovation (not just Surface Pro 2's on the sidelines).


There are also other ways that technology could make a more serious lasting impact on the game. Not so much in an entertainment sense, but in ways that protect players and their mental health. During the football season this year, there were 123 separate cases of concussions. Scientists are looking to implement magnets in players' helmets to help repel concussive damage and head-to-head contact. Tech companies, like Blackbox Biometrics, are developing sensors to help track concussion related injuries and provide useful and maybe even life-saving data to physicians.

Whether it's a little bit of football fantasy or more grounded hopes, how do you think technology could fashion a Football 2.0?

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How about the tire air pressure sensors found in a lot of automobiles these days installed in each football?