Hearkening back to a simpler time when electronics—including home vide game consoles—came with stylish faux-wood finishes, the R-KAID-R packs a modern emulator into a handmade wooden box that's able to play all of your favorite classic arcade and console games in style.

With an 800 x 600 LCD display and modern hardware under the hood, the R-KAID-R won't provide the exact same experience as gaming on an old CRT TV in your parents' basement. But it makes up for it with modern conveniences like an SD car slot for easily loading ROMs, and an impressive eight-hour rechargeable battery.

Nostalgia rarely comes cheap, though. And the R-KAID-R will unfortunately set you back a hefty $3,400+ when it starts shipping this September. But you do get your choice of wood for the case—including everything from walnut to emerald green maple. And remember, it's not like you'll be paying for all those ROMs you'll be playing. [Love Hulten via Engadget]