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How Do You Make Body Boarding Better? Add a Jet Engine

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Jason Woods wasn't satisfied with the scene at his local lake. The choice between giant, expensive boats and splashing around on the sand, well, sucked. So he made his own fun—a custom, 15 mph, jet-powered aqua board.

The handmade craft—dubbed the Kymera—was fourth in line after three prototypes sank to the bottom of the lake. Not an auspicious start. But boy oh boy was the fourth time the charm. The thing looks incredibly fun to pilot—like a mix between a traditional body board and a jet ski—and the exhilaration of being down so close to the rushing water must be phenomenal. Maybe the best part—aside from being a total blast to pilot? It's cheap and light as hell. You can scrape across the water for over two hours on only a buck's worth of fuel, and when the day's over, walk it away, at only ten pounds. Looking at this thing makes it all the more painful to see snow outside my window. [Gizmag]