How Far Samsung's Galaxy S Phones Have Come, in One GIF

The evolution of any smartphone is a long, drawn-out process. But when you cram it all down into a four-second GIF, the results are pretty mesmerizing.


This GIF, created by GadgetLove, shows the Samsung Galaxy S circa 2010 to 2015. Of course, it's fun to see the physical size of any phone slowly extend to the 5+ inch monstrosities we have today (remember when phones were small? lol) But watching a Galaxy phone grow is much more exciting than say, an iPhone. For one, I love seeing the oblong hardware button be knicked and tucked ever-so-slightly through the years and just the evolution of TouchWiz is pretty fun, too.

But my favorite little detail is during the transition from the Galaxy S3 to the Galaxy S4. If you look at the "Internet" icon, South America shifts ever so slightly to the left. Why? Why did they feel the need to fix that one teeny, tiny detail? Was there some huge meeting discussing the change or did some developer fuck up and just not care? Makes you think about all the detailed work and quirks that go into every new smartphone design that you don't even know. [GadgetLove (hi-res)]

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Jerk Dently

(remember when phones were small? lol)