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How HP Tried to Sue Itself Over TouchPad Refunds

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The latest bit in the increasingly amusing Laurel and Hardy routine that is the HP TouchPad: HP just tried to sue itself for offering HP TouchPad refunds. No, seriously. This is a thing that happened.

The company got wind recently of a fraudulent "HP Refund Program" in Europe, targeting German TouchPad buyers looking to be refunded when that insano fire sale kicked off. The questionable site was asking for bank account information, which seemed shady! So HP mobilized its legal team, refusing to let such an affront stand. Except!


Except that the site in question was legit. Contracted by HP to handle the refund process. Totally benign. Oops?


Presumably HP has called off the hounds from... itself. Seriously, though, guys. I know things are weird over there these days; no need to make it worse by punching yourself in the face. [PreCentral]