How Many of Your Friends Still Use Dumbphones?

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I was in the airport last week surrounded by grumpy delayed travelers, one of whom was brandishing his feature phone with pride. "I just want my phone to be a phone," he tried to tell a fellow grumpster. I shook my head and pulled to refresh Rowi.

You'd think in today's iPhone and Android-saturated world guys like that would be outliers. But AT&T reported this morning—along with strong financial earnings—that just 62% of its wireless subscribers were on smartphones. That's up from last year, but still means that tens of millions of people still haven't made the jump. My question is: who are they? And do they need our help? [AT&T]

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Brian Barrett

There are obviously a lot of benefits to having a dumphone. Or one benefit, which is not being saddled with a data plan. I'm mostly curious if they're people you actually know or if they live in some weird statistical bubble in Montana or something.