Earlier this summer, Bob Boilen posted a Tiny Desk Concert that absolutely blew me away. Not so much for it being the best music I've ever heard, but by the makeup of the band. One drummer, and two sax players. That's it. Oh, and one sax had a giant traffic cone sticking out of it.

This band was Moon Hooch, and for being only three members, their music covered a wide range of genres. At some moments you could hear dance influences, electronica, maybe a little Eastern European à la Gogol Bordello at times. Their tracks were undeniably catchy.


But what caught my attention was the saxophones. In high school, I decided that I had the mental fortitude and musical ability to learn all the subtle nuances of the saxophone. Yeah, that lasted six long and frustrating months before I eventually returned my rental. The experience was somewhat traumatizing. "I can play guitar and piano, why is sax so difficult?" I built up some resentment. Sorry, George Michael. But with the relentless energy of some kind of sax-powered punk band, Moon Hooch taught me to welcome the brass instrument back into my heart.

You can listen to Moon Hooch's This is Cave Music for a limited time through NPR's always wonderful First Listen program with the new album officially launching on Sept. 16. You can also head over to Moon Hooch's website to listen to their self-titled first album in its entirety. [NPR/Spotify]

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