How Much Your Smartphone Cost to Build: An Interactive Breakdown

How Much Your Smartphone Cost to Build: An Interactive Breakdown

You know how much you paid for your phone. But how much did the materials inside it cost the company that built it? And—more importantly—who's prioritizing what?

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We've seen some of these numbers before, but where this infographic from Tableau makes it interesting is breaking down the component costs. They all cost roughly the same to manufacture, but how people spent that money shows: Apple ponied up more for the iPhone 4 housing than anyone else bothered to, while RIM's processor budget was predictably meager for the Torch. Nokia's N8 gambled big on the N8's 12MP camera, but underspent most other places. And so on.


And yes, there are lots more dollars not accounted here that go into research and design and packaging and such. That profit margin's just on the actual physical parts; they don't literally make that much money every time you buy a phone. But it's still fun to quantify the hardware, and to see how many ways a phone company can burn through $190 of parts. [Tableau]


Comment quality is quickly reaching Youtube levels on this article. There sure are a lot of people with no grasp of the cost of marketing, R&D, distribution, program management, salary, and infrastructure costs, and an almost equal number of people who have apparently never heard of economies of scale (ZOMG Why dey maek phon so cheep!)

You all need to seriously warm up that little thing above your hate-spewer called a brain and use it. This isn't hard.