How NASA Wants Us to Explore the Universe With Robotic Avatars and Holodecks

Take three minutes of your life to listen to Dr. Jeff Norris, one of the science rock stars at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. He talks about how NASA is working to democratize space exploration by using robots, holodecks and 3D technologies so we can all see space with our own eyes using space probes that will travel to other planets and stars.


It's an inspiring vision that you need to listen to. One that is not coming soon enough, but it's coming sooner than the warp drive.


I love his punchline: we are all the space invaders. Cue in Bowie's Moonage Dream. [Thanks to our friend Mark Rober, another of the JPL geniuses]

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Levente Xaevus Reventon

Please people. We cannot infest our universe. Figure out the problems we have here before we go out and contaminate the rest of the cosmos. We need to get rid of the monetary system, get rid of wars, global starvation, and then, only then, will we be worthy to search beyond the stars.

Otherwise, countries will "own" planets/moons. No one owns anything, its all ours as a civilization. And until we can figure that out here, on our little blue marble, I suggest we stay put. The civilization we live in today is a greedy, painful one, and we must not take our foolish actions with us and create wars over planets and even stars.

It's all OURS, and we CAN share it together is we all just get along! We apparently "come in peace", yet we're still fighting over land borders on earth! Nothing about us has ever said "come is peace". They're has never been a time in human civilization where there was no wars going on. EVER. BUT, we CAN change that. Peace, tolerance, and sustainability must be reached here before we leave home. We must eliminate the use of our old-fashioned system! We need FULL cooperation as a species homo sapiens sapiens in order to live in a decent world.

If we ARE intelligent beings, then why are we still using such outdated systems? There ARE alternatives, and we can realisticly live in a world where EVERYONE, all 7 billion of us, are happy. We need a revolution unlike any other, not of a country, or even a "global village", but as a biological, creative, and loving species.

How are we supposed swim out to sea if everyone on the boat is trying to kill themselves?