Did your parents ever tell you you were special when you were growing up? If you answered "no," that's depressing and we're sorry. But if you answered "yes," we have some good news: they probably weren't lying! At least when it comes to who you are on the outside—you know, the stuff that really matters.

As BuzzFeed's video shows, most of us are probably going to have at least one physical trait that puts us in the minority of the population. Maybe you're a blue-eyed mutant. Maybe your webbed toes have relegated you to a lifetime of uncomfortable footwear. Or maybe you're part of the mere 2% of the population that doesn't get their glowing golden locks from a bottle. Whatever it may be, go find out what makes you special. And if it turns out that none of these apply... well, again, we're sorry. [BuzzFeedVideo via Digg]