How the GoPro Became the Best Selling Camera In the World

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The GoPro is an amazing action camera that lets people record extreme sports, daredevil feats, and other spectacles. Just a few years ago, it would have been impossible. But, today, it is the best-selling camera in the world.


In a short 60 Minutes profile, Anderson Cooper runs through the story of the rugged camera from the beginning, when the company was founded by a young surfer and failed entrepreneur named Nick Woodman 12 years ago. The first GoPro product? A simple waterproof film camera. Since then, the company has doubled its sales yearly, to revenues of more than $500 million per year. Never underestimate the potential of a simple, effective, inexpensive tool. [CBS]


Brent Rose

GoPro just made a(nother) brilliant marketing move. They're sponsoring a "GoPro of the Winter" contest for the North Shore of Oahu with a $20,000 prize for the winner. That all but ensures that the world's best surfers will be using their cameras and uploading clips like mad all winter. Really smart move.