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How the Hell Does Quantum Mechanics Work Anyway?

People that know about quantum mechanics tend to talk about it very breezily, leaving us mortals behind. Be left behind no longer, though, with this wonderful little video.


Taking a cue from Schrödinger's famous cat thought experiment, Josh Samani walks us through the basics of quantum mechanics and entanglement. It's still not easy—you're going to have to pay attention—but it does do a very nice job of explaining some damned difficult concepts. [TED Ed]

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So on the electron thing: Is it really in a "superposition" state of all possible position or is that just a generalization that we make because we lack the knowledge to accurately predict its exact position without actually measuring it? Because if we take the cat example, the cat is never truly in a superposition of dead and alive, we just can't accurately know what it is without opening the box. But the cat inside the box still has a finite state. It is still either dead or alive. If we put a camera in the box we could tell this. Thats the problem I have with quantum mechanics.