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How the Spider-Men Spider-Bro'd Out During No Way Home

Andrew Garfield discussed what happened when the three webslingers bonded on set.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A maskless Spider-Man looks back over his shoulder while standing before a conspiracy theory wall.
Andrew Garfield, as he appeared in promo material for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
Image: Sony Pictures

Andrew Garfield is having a hell of a year. While nerds’ spider-sense is still tingling from seeing the actor return as Peter Parker during Spider-Man: No Way Home, alongside original actor Tobey Maguire, he’s starred in two Oscar-caliber movies, The Eyes of Tammy Faye and Tick, Tick... Boom! But it sounds like the best part of his year might have been spider-bonding with Maguire and current Spidey Tom Holland during the filming of the MCU’s (first) Spider-Man trilogy.

Garfield discussed what happened when the three cinematic Peter Parkers finally got together to shoot their scenes (which only took a mere two weeks, apparently) in a lengthy interview with Variety. A lot of it revolved about how they cope with their various outfits, but it also got surprisingly poignant.


“I think the first time we were all in the suit together, it was hilarious because it’s like just three ordinary dudes who were just actors just hanging out. But then also, you just become a fan and say, ‘Oh my god we’re all together in the suits and we’re doing the pointing thing!’” Garfield said.There was talk about going to the bathroom and, you know, padding around the package. We talked about what worked for each of us. Tom was jealous because I have little zippers in my suit that I can get my hands out of very easily. To work his phone, he had to use his nose because he couldn’t access his hands. We would have deeper conversations, too, and talk about our experiences with the character. And to have Amy Pascal there, who has seen through nine movies, including “pider-Verse. It was a revelatory experience for her, realizing how much life and time she’d given to this character. That was beautiful and profound.”

“There’s a line I improvised in the movie, looking at [Maguire and Holland] and I tell them I love them. That was just me loving them.”


That’s... incredibly sweet, and it sounds more genuine coming from Garfield than it would from Maguire or Holland, partially because Garfield has always been so vociferously passionate about Spider-Man. I know there’s a lot of talk about Sony bringing the actor back for a potential Amazing Spider-Man 3, in large part because of how much heart he brings to No Way Home. I think people are forgetting that the Amazing movies weren’t very good, even if he was good in them. But if nothing else, it sounds like he deserves another opportunity to don the spider-tights, you know?

If you’re unconvinced, go read the full interview and just feel how much Garfield truly loves the character and cherishes his time playing him. Or go see Spider-Man: No Way Home if you’re one of the seemingly 4 people who haven’t, as it is in theaters now.

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