How Those Incredible iPod Nano Watches Look in Person

These MINIMAL-designed iPod Nano watches are most likely still the best looking iPod nano watches we've seen yet. They're definitely the most watch-like. Here's how they look in person, on a wrist.

It's kinda gigantic. Good! But gigantic. The power and volume control buttons are on the left, with the headphone jack and 30-pin connector on the right. The housing is sturdy and the band is thick, which should leave you with solid protection for your iPod, but if you have girl-ish wrists like I do, this will look abnormally big on your arm.


Still, it's pretty fantastic to be wearing an iPod as a watch, even if you do have to charge it about a thousand times more frequently than you have to swap batteries in a regular watch. If we can only replace the watch face—or hack the nano to load mini-apps onto the thing. A full-blown iOS watch would be incredible. You know, with Twitter, and VoIP, and AirPlay, and all the awesome things that you do on your iPhone.

The TikTok is $35 and LunaTik is $70. The version shown in the video above is the LunaTik. [Kickstarter]

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I'm more surprised that people still wear watches. You have to be an enthusiast or it just doesn't make any sense in this day and age for the average person.