How to Break the iPhone 7 in GIFs

Hordes of people will soon have a brand new iPhone 7 in their hands, and you know what that means: a lot of people will immediately screw it up. But while there will always be ways to completely destroy a new iPhone, Apple has designed the new device to withstand at least some physical stress.


Over on YouTube, JerryRigEverything put a matte black iPhone 7 to the test, including burning and scratching the screen, bending the body, and scratching the camera lens. We’ve GIFed the good bits for you for you for an easy (and oddly soothing!) viewing experience.

Burn recovery

The screen lasts for about 10 seconds before the pixels turn black, but it doesn’t take too long to go back to normal.

No more Bendgate

The iPhone 6 was “flexible,” but the iPhone 7 doesn’t seem to be quite as bendy, though as you can see, you might want to be careful of damaging the waterproofing adhesive.

Coins and keys won’t scratch the screen


The screen began to scratch around a level six on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which is fairly standard. Luckily, it means that everyday items, like keys or coins, probably won’t do too much damage.

The matte casing can withstand some backscratch


Scratching it with a key seems to be fine, but anything more hardcore—a razor blade, for example—isn’t a great idea.

The earpiece stays in place


“It won’t be sliding around or falling out like the iPhone 4's did.”

The lens cover isn’t as durable as Apple claims


On its website, Apple says that the camera has a “sapphire crystal lens cover,” which means it should conceivably withstand up to a level nine on the Mohs scale. In this test, however, it began scratching at a level six, though it was resistant to a razor blade.

The home button


Like the camera lens, the new home button is also resistant to the scratching of a razor blade—but like the camera lens, it doesn’t get past a level six on the Mohs scale.

In summary: The iPhone 7 is pretty durable, unless you’re trying to attack it with a razor blade.


[JerryRigEverything via YouTube]

Sophie is a former news editor at Gizmodo.



I truly have no idea why or how people in normal daily circumstances would scratch their phones. I’ve now probably had well over a hundred of personal devices, and they always look brand spanking new 1, 2, 3 or more years later. Phones of all kinds, mp3 players, PDAs, Laptops, cameras, tablets, etc, etc.

If someone’s a dumbass and cuts and eats their steak off of their iPhone screen, or puts ALL their keys and razor blades and exacto knives in a metal tin can and continues to shake said can for 2 hours and other similar dumbassery deserves to have to shell out another $800 for a new phone.