How to Comment: Follow Your Friends

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We don't want you to feel like a loner so we've given commenters the ability to make friends, it's extremely simple and for most of you it will be much easier than in real life. Sorry that last bit was a joke, I'm sure you have no problem making friends...

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To "Follow" or "Friend" another commenter is simple, once you are logged into your commenting account and you have found a commenter you want to befriend, just click that little heart under their name. Once that heart turns red a message should display on the side of the comment window confirming your friendship. You can now celebrate your popularity.

Don't have a Gizmodo comment account yet? Well here's how you get one:

1) Click the "Login" link on the top right of the page and doing so will show a drop down box for logging in. Click the "new user?" link and you'll be directed to our Registration page. Fill out the form by choosing a username, password and email for your eventual comment account.


2) Choose a post, click on it, and scroll to the bottom.

3) Fill in the comment.

4) Refresh the page to see if your comment shows up. If it hasn't within a day or two, try again with a better comment.

5) If you have any comment related issues or questions, feel free to send an email to

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