How to Conduct a Pipe Organ Concert with a Kinect

The Kinect has been re-purposed for projects ranging from piloting UAV drones to steering shopping carts, so why not use one to play Melbourne Town Hall's 4-story organ like a gigantic theremin?


Composer Chris Vik did just that, developing the KiNECTAR program in 2011. According to Vik, it is an, "interface where I could instruct different control mechanisms to use human input and movement to activate notes and trigger events musically." Essentially, the software allows him to build a series of commands that activate depending on his various hand and body positions. Each position occupies a virtually partitioned area in the the space around him that the Kinect can recognize. With this, Vik can program individual notes, chords, and even scales into each action, then string actions together into a musical composition. The video above shows the KiNECTAR in action with a snippet from Vik's performance of "Carpe Zythum" last November. [The Register]

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