How To Cool Your MacBook Pro Down (And Void Your Warranty)

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Despite MacBook Pros being underclocked in an attempt to keep them from searing the skin right off your thighs, they still get uncomfortably hot. Interrupting Moss over at the Something Awful forums did some research to find out why and now says that Apple got "a little excited with the application of thermal grease to the Core Duo, ATI GPU, and northbridge on the new MacBook logic boards".

He wiped the thermal grease off, applied a smaller amount and found his MacBook's temperature had dropped from about 55 degrees to 39. You can get instructions to do it yourself but be warned that this may void your warranty, Apple Care or no. If we're lucky, Genius Bars will get authorized to do this sometime in the near future. Cross your fingers, those of you with burning laps.


How to cool down your MacBook Pro: Before and After [w/pics & temps] [The Awful Forums, via The Apple Blog]