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We know how much you love reading about the PlayStation 3 and potentially illegal things, so let's combine the two, shall we? It looks like enterprising hackers have figured out a way to dump Blu-ray movies using nothing more than a PS3 and Linux. Now, there's a whole lot of Linux jargon to comb through, but the premise is simple: boot up the appropriate flavor of Linux, then input the command "dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/blu-raymovie.iso" and that should do it. It's interesting to note that similar methods are used to dump ("back up") PS3 games themselves.

The first movie dumped was Talledega Night and it comes in at an impressive 20.9GB. So if you bought a PS3 with the 60GB hard drive you should be all set; those with a 20GB will need to invest in an external hard drive. Don't tell Sony we told you or anything.


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