How to Fix the Internet (According to South Park)

In the fantastic South Park episode last night ("Did you guys see the ghost?") most of the nation was without internet. What does such an internet-connected society do when faced with such a technological dilemma? Face the giant Linksys router that controls all traffic in the country. And do This (see the video.) Something we're sure you're all familiar with. But seriously guys, did you see the ghost? It ran through here! [South Park]


Broken Machine

@nutbastard: DD-WRT on the WRT54G is pretty damn cool. I haven't rebooted my router since the first Friday in February, I could activate an auto-reboot, but I really want to keep an eye on the stability and want to know when/if it freezes up. For the record, the reason I rebooted was due to a Verizon outage, not a router instability issue.

My favorite feature is being able to assign IP adresses from the routers DHCP, and lock them to that Mac address. My server is always on, so I can route all of the traffic to that without fear of reassignment, and without dicking around with Static IPs.