How to Get a Can of Soda for Free from a Vending Machine

If you're ever thirsty for delicious carbonated sugar syrup and find yourself without any cash or quarters, maybe you'll be wise enough to carry around a measuring tape with you. Turns out, the wild minds of Russia have developed a slick vending machine hack that'll give you free sodas. And it only takes just a little bit of force. Here's how they do it.


Though it says 25.00 on the vending machine, that's actually only 80 cents in good ol' American dollars. Sure, you're screwing over the next person who wants a can of soda for only 80 cents but whatever. FREE SODA (morality not included) [EnglishRussia]


Lana, Lana,...LANAAAAAA!!!

Shouldn't the title of this post be "How to steal a can of soda from a vending machine"?