How To Get Apple Music For Windows PC

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If you went looking for Apple Music yesterday on your Windows machine, you probably got a bit confused. Where was the download? Why couldn’t you find it in your iTunes? The answer is that you needed iTunes 12.2, which wasn’t available right away. Now, it is—for OS X, and for Windows PC.


Just click on over to this site to download the latest version of iTunes, and hit that big blue Download Now button. (You don’t need to enter your email address.) Then install it, and once you’re up and running, tap the For You tab to start your three-month free trial.

Or just tap the Radio tab to start listening to Beats 1 Radio if you don’t feel like verifying your credit card right now.

If you do opt for the free trial, be sure to turn off Automatic Renewal (under Account Info > Settings > Subscription > Manage) if you don’t want Apple to automatically start billing you after the trial period is up. You do like free music, right?

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Yeah, Apple Music is a bit of a crushing disappointment, but now you can decide for yourself.

Looking for Android? If all you want to do is listen to Beats 1 Radio, here’s a workaround.


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Robert A Petersen

Does it do everything the other streaming services do? Yes.

Does it do it as well, or in some cases better than the competition? Yes.

Is it cheaper than the competition? Yes on family plans, equal on individual, BUT has 3 month trial instead of one month.

Multiplatform? Yes.

Gizmodo: “Crushing disappointment”