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How to Get the Real Magnetosphere Visualizer in iTunes

Apple may have absorbed the super-neato Magnetosphere visualizer into iTunes, but they did make some tweaks in their Borging process. Just like those Picard-obsessed skinjobs, the iTunes version is obsessed with planets and launching millions of photon torpedoes into them. The original, seen here, has more sparklies and lines, which is quite a bit of a different feel than the one you already have. Unfortunately Magnetosphere download links have been taken down everywhere, but we managed to find one linked to on the official site. If those go down, we've got a Mac Mirror and Windows Mirror too. Enjoy. Instructions: To install it on Mac, put it in /Users/username/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins


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Too bad there isn't anything even remotely close to the quality of Magnetosphere available for Winamp. You couldn't pay me enough to use iTunes.