How to Get Windows Phone 7.5 Right Now

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So you're not one of the lucky 10 percent who are getting the official Mango update today. Fear not! You can actually force the update that Microsoft is so afraid will brick your phone or bring about the fall of mankind.

You'll need access to a Windows PC and the Zune client to hack the update. First, you just update your phone to as current a build as you can under Phone > Settings > Update. Then, if you're stonewalled before the Mango update (7720), click on any of the other tabs in the Settings screen and click back to Updates. Within 1 or 2 seconds, disconnect your internet. This will run the update check without calling back to Microsoft to tell it to not acknowledge the Mango build for your phone. You'll have to go through an intermediary update (7403) before finalizing the update, but a few minutes is definitely more accommodating than three or four weeks.


I'm still not sure why Microsoft didn't include the option to just force the update yourself legitimately if you really want it. I love Windows Phone, but only a few hours ago I swore that I'd buy an iPhone 5 out of principle if I was one of the 75 perent who had to wait until the end of October for Mango. But it appears that won't be necessary! Get in on it now before it's maybe patched. [WPCentral]

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If this doesn't work for anybody, KEEP TRYING. It took me probably a dozen plus tries to find that exact sweet spot of when to disconnect, which for me was right at one second. Running Mango on my unlocked Dell Venue Pro, and it's great.

And my favorite fix that came with Mango? No more color banding.