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Reader Brian tells us of a clever way that he's gotten the already fair iPhone rate plan from AT&T down to a measly $14.95 a month, as long as you've got another AT&T plan to leech off of. Here's how he did it:

I talked with an AT&T rep, and while they weren't excited to admit it, it is possible to use the iPhone as a regular cellphone. For me that makes it a secondary line to my wife's (she has a $45/month plan) and thus mine is $14.95. I had to turn off browsing through the cell network and text messages. I can't stand text messages anyway, so no big loss there. And Wi-Fi still works, so with work, home, and my favorite watering hole all having Wi-Fi, who cares?

Finally, after a few months of wrangling with AT&T, I have the device I want, plus a cellphone. BTW, you have to be very specific about blocking text and data, or they charge you per KB, and it gets insanely expensive. Just toggling the data plan off at the website and turning it off on the phone will NOT block that charge, customer service has to do it.

Just thought you might find it interesting. Keep up the great work, I don't comment much anymore but I still read you guys almost every day.


This won't work for everybody, but if you can manage to live without SMS and EDGE (using internet sharing on another phone is an alternative) then you can at least take a few bucks off every plan. [Thanks Brian!]

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