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How to Make a Laser-Sighted Slingshot

Illustration for article titled How to Make a Laser-Sighted Slingshot

Sorry, squirrels. Sorry, neighbors. Sorry, kid sister. Sorry, pets. Sorry, Grandma. Sorry, teacher. Sorry, just about everyone else. With this DIY laser-sighted slingshot, all my mischief is about to get a lot more accurate.


The tutorial comes from Kipkay, the man behind the DIY laser security system, the DIY laser lighter, and countless other exciting DIY laser projects. This one, which may or may not be brought to you by Wonderful Pistachios, is my favorite yet. If only my 12 year old self were around to see this. [Kipkay via Neatorama]

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I don't see how this does anything for you...aside from a few marginal geek points, perhaps. The laser will only show you what the cross-beam is aimed at. Doesn't really tell you anything about where your shot is going to go since it has nothing at all to do with the angle at which you release.

Now, ACTUAL laser GUIDING...? That's something I'd pay money for.