How To: Make Windows Vista Boot Faster With Multiple Cores

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Does Vista boot slower than a turtle slogging through molasses after you press the power button? If you have a multi-core processor (and you probably do), you can make it scoot at least a little bit faster with just a couple clicks. Run msconfig (type it into the Start search bar, press enter). Click boot, then advanced options. Then change the number of processors to 2 or 4 (or 8 if you're really awesome), and Vista will use all of 'em when booting, not just a single lonesome core. And that should cut your boot time from 10 minutes to about 8 1/2. Update: Aw, this might not do anything after all. [Hackosis via Lifehacker]


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@snitch29: My 2GHz Core Duo Macbook used to boot up just a smidge over 20 seconds, but this was under Tiger. Under Leopard, the time has increased by quite a bit, and this is a clean install, not an overwriting upgrade. I don't know how long it takes for the current C2D models to boot up under Leopard, but I don't think it would be 20 seconds. I'm sure computers like the MBP, MP and iMac boot up a lot faster than mine by comparison, but I'll bet that it's not as fast as Tiger on my Macbook used to be.

Here's to hoping that Snow Leopard brings back the start-up speed of Tiger. With PPC support being shaved off, it better fucking deliver.