How to Properly Seduce a Girl on the Internet

Watch this video—and then watch it again. Take some notes, too.

The video shows you how one guy managed to charm and seduce a girl on the Internet over the course of one very over the top Chatroulette session.


Yes, I said seduce. Because even though they might be miles apart in the clip, we can all imagine what would happen if that giggling girl ever met this mysterious singing stranger in person—assuming that this is really just a random encounter and that the girl isn't the guy's sister or something, of course. [Reddit via Neatorama]


In other news... I would never seriously pick up a girl (this way or in whichever other way) on ChatRoulette. Just eeewww... we all know what kind of people use ChatRoulette, right? I can't even imagine what was a girl doing there, knowing the usual crowd that hang around there...