How To Track Down an iPad 2 Near You

Sure, you could camp outside your local Apple Store with cheese snacks and a few good magazines, but there's a better way to track down any iPad 2 action in your zip code. And you don't have to leave your computer.

The first is Christian Radu's iPad 2 scanner (pictured above), which checks your zip code for local Targets with availability based on which SKU suits your fancy.


The other is ObamaPacman's iPad 2 Inventory Locator, which redirects you to the Target and Best Buy product pages for the iPad you want. From there you can input your zip code and see what's available.

Finally, there's iPad2locator, which not only searches Target, but is the only one of these to vet RadioShack as well. No Best Buy or Walmart, unfortunately, but the site promises to add those once their inventory reports are more reliable.

Fair warning that there doesn't appear to be that much stock out there at all, other than some stray 64GB 3G versions here and there. But it's way easier to hit that refresh button than it is to find public restrooms near an iPad 2 Apple Store line. [ObamaPacman, Christian Radu, iPad2Locator]


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