You know who's wholly responsible for the downfall of the American economy? San Francisco-based Bank of America customers, that's who. No, seriously. Why else would the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) deface 85 San Francisco BofA ATM's like that?

According to a report by SFist, RAN hit up nearly 90 ATM's last night, replacing the normal withdrawal options with a sticker overlay including options like:

  • Invest in coal-fired power plants
  • Foreclose on America's homes
  • Bankroll climate change
  • Fund executive bonuses

According to the group, they're attacking BofA ATM's and turning them into "truth machines" because,

We've received so many submissions it's clear to us that this website was badly needed. There are lots of grievances to be aired with regard to how Bank of America is conducting its business these days, as it turns out.


Yes, that'll certainly teach the multinational financial corporation a thing or two. Or not. [SFist via Business Insider]