How to Watch Quibi With Chromecast Now That It’s Actually Supported

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Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)

After adding screencasting support with Apple AirPlay last month, short-form streaming service Quibi says users can now cast its bite-sized shows to Chromecast devices as well.


The support follows a rocky couple of months for the stubbornly mobile-first streaming service that launched, unfortunately for Quibi, in the middle of a pandemic. The idea was for Quibi to be a kind of hybrid between Netflix and YouTube or Snapchat—a streaming service with series broken down into short videos of less than 10 minutes that could be watched while waiting for lunch or on your commute to work. But Quibi launched at a time when people were forced to be at home, where they had much larger screens and access to an army of streaming services also fighting for their attention.

Quibi executives eventually announced, after initially insisting otherwise, that they would add support for TV viewing with screencasting. Apple TV users saw support for AirPlay arrive a couple of weeks ago, while the company announced support for Chromecast this week. Quibi says viewers will now be able to screencast all of its shows to TVs with integrated Chromecast support as well as the following devices:

  • Chromecast 1st generation (model H2G2-42)
  • Chromecast 2nd generation (model NC2-6A5)
  • Chromecast 3rd generation (model GA00439)
  • Chromecast Ultra (model GA3A00403A14)

To boot up a Quibi cast on Chromecast (make sure it’s on and connected), open the Quibi app from your mobile device. From the For You tab or while watching an episode, tap the Chromecast icon. From the menu that appears, select the device you’d like to cast to and your series will appear in horizontal format on the screen.

Is casting going to fix Quibi’s mediocre content problem? Heavens no. But it may help actually get people to start using its service for the shows that do actually shine—maybe. Hopefully, for Quibi’s sake.



I don’t know a single person watching anything on Quibi.