How to Watch the October 13 Apple Event

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I know it feels like we JUST had a big Apple day last month—and that’s because we did! First, there was the Watch and iPad event in September; there are rumors of a MacBook event in November; and for October? It’s iPhones, baby. Well, iPhones, and possibly headphones, earbuds, a new Tile competitor, and even a new miniature HomePod. If this year hadn’t been plagued by plague it might have been one of Apple’s biggest years ever on the hardware front.

Instead, we’re getting a series of livestreams. Thankfully, Apple’s not quite as restrictive of how its streams can be watched, and by whom, as in years past. Today’s livestream is available on Apple’s website right here, or you can check it out on Apple’s YouTube channel. If you’d rather watch on the big screen, you can also check it out via the Apple TV app either on your Apple TV or on any TV or set-top box that supports the app.


Naturally, the BEST way to watch it will be via Gizmodo’s liveblog, where I’ll be joined by Gizmodo EIC John Biggs as well as reporters Catie Keck and Victoria Song.

The show itself will kick off at 1 p.m. ET and 10 a.m. PT.