How to Watch the Trump-Putin Press Conference in Helsinki, No Cable Required

President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin shake hands at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, Finland on July 16, 2018
President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin shake hands at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, Finland on July 16, 2018
Photo: AP

U.S. president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin are scheduled to have a press conference today at 9:50am ET, 6:50am PT, 4:50pm Moscow time. And if you’re looking for a way to watch a livestream of the Helsinki press conference without a TV, Gizmodo has got you covered.


President Trump had breakfast this morning with the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö but Trump ignored questions from reporters on whether he’ll ask Putin about Russia’s meddling in American elections. Twelve Russian intelligence officers were indicted last week for interfering in the 2016 presidential election to favor Donald Trump.

Trump and Putin are scheduled to meet for at least 90 minues alone with just their translators starting at 7:20am ET. And their public press conference is a real wild card. But you can find various livestreams below for YouTube, Facebook, Apple TV, Roku, and more.

[Update, 10:40am: The one-on-one meeting between Trump and Putin lasted more than two hours and the new time for the press conference is 11:00am ET, 8:00am ET.]



Reuters TV

Reuters TV has a number of free options for watching the press conference on devices like Apple TV and Roku.

No matter what happens, today’s “not-a-summit summit” is a historic meeting for an American president who now calls long-standing allies “foes” and cozies up to authoritarians.


In less than two years, President Trump has managed to completely shake up the world’s alliances, signaling that the United States would like to be on better terms with countries like China, Russia, North Korea, and Turkey. Trump, who has overseen America’s child internment program, has openly sparred with leaders from Canada, Britain, and the European Union. We’re seeing the traditional post-WWII alliances dissolve in real time.

What will Trump and Putin announce? It’s not clear. There’s no set agenda for their meeting and President Trump didn’t even think to ask Putin to extradite the 12 hackers accused of stealing emails from high-ranking Democrats and giving them to WikiLeaks. It’s not evident that Trump has America’s best interests at heart, to say the least.


Earlier today, the Twitter account for Russia’s foreign ministry even liked a tweet by President Trump that claimed America’s relationship with Russia has “NEVER been worse,” citing America’s “foolishness” as well as the “rigged witch hunt.”

Whatever Trump and Putin say, it’ll certainly be one for the history books.


Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog


Matt Novak