HP Confirms Discontinuation of MediaSmart TV and Connect Receiver

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We had an inkling that HP was killing off or discontinuing its MediaSmart TVs and Connect HD media receiver lines, and sure enough, HP spokespeople emailed us a confirmation today:

As part of HP's ongoing strategy to accelerate the growth of key product categories, improve efficiencies and profitability and continue to drive innovation for its Personal Systems Group, the company made the decision to place its Connected Entertainment and Managed Home product lines into its global Attach Business. The Attach Business develops products and services that supplement and extend the customer experience of HP's core product lines such as the MediaSmart Server. With these changes, there will not be any follow on MediaSmart TV or MediaSmart Connect products in 2009. With the PC at the center of the experience, HP continues to be committed to delivering high-definition, connected entertainment to consumers around the world. [Emphasis added]

It's apparently not the best time to be in this business, as others such as Linksys and Niveus appear to be pulling out as well. In truth, with competition from Xbox, PS3, TiVo and feature-heavy Blu-ray players, I can see why nobody's buying them. [HP]

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